Survival Tip Number One

My coleus plant is dying. Everything is cold and wet. My porch is the saddest place in America. I'm starting to understand why people used to put oranges in each other's Christmas stockings -- a reminder that somewhere there is a sun and it is actually functioning. But there is a ray of hope. Sorry … Continue reading Survival Tip Number One


Product review: RX Bars

I'll be brutally, uncomfortably honest with you. Friends, I have to be very careful about what snacks and meal-replacement foods I eat. If it contains sugar, especially the wrong kinds of sugar, I can easily get triggered and crave more, bad-for-you sugar the rest of the day. Halloween candy hanging around the house does not … Continue reading Product review: RX Bars

There is no such thing as “not one of us.”

There is so much making me shake my head right now, I don't feel like I have any adequate words to describe it. If you're only here for the recipes and mildly amusing parenting anecdotes, this post might not be for you. I'm writing this as a person who does not even watch cable news. … Continue reading There is no such thing as “not one of us.”