Not fair

Apparently Scrabble Junior has different rules that say I cannot obliterate my sweet and pure and tiny opponent with this kickass 97-point word I've got in my hand. There goes my Christmas spirit.


I don’t really feel attacked

I'm the first to admit I get snippy over a lot of stuff. But, I've never understood it when people get their noses out of joint over the way in which people share their seasonal well wishes. Say Merry Christmas if you want to. It's a free country. Eh, for most of us. But you … Continue reading I don’t really feel attacked

There is no such thing as “not one of us.”

There is so much making me shake my head right now, I don't feel like I have any adequate words to describe it. If you're only here for the recipes and mildly amusing parenting anecdotes, this post might not be for you. I'm writing this as a person who does not even watch cable news. … Continue reading There is no such thing as “not one of us.”