I don’t really feel attacked

I’m the first to admit I get snippy over a lot of stuff.

But, I’ve never understood it when people get their noses out of joint over the way in which people share their seasonal well wishes.

Say Merry Christmas if you want to. It’s a free country. Eh, for most of us.

But you know what we’re also free to do in this country (eh, well, for now anyway)? Be an atheist, be Jewish, be Muslim, be pagan, be buddhist. It’s shocking, I know. This is not an actual “Christian” nation– whatever that means.

So why would you presume to know anybody else’s religious or personal holiday celebrations unless you know them? You don’t.

You want to get all up in arms about people being too easily offended over “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (do not start, I give ZERO cares what anybody thinks about this mediocre song to begin with, on EITHER side, so zip it), but you hear one little “Happy Holidays” or see one sign that says “Season’s Greetings” and suddenly it’s all “Oh No, Not Today, Satan.”

You do know what you’re getting upset by don’t you? You’re mad because someone did not acknowledge the specific Roman Catholic adaptation of the late December pagan celebrations so their new converts wouldn’t get bummed out about missing their fun pagan parties. That’s the short version of the story but that’s basically it.

Never mind the fact that Dec. 25 is most likely not the actual birthdate of the Jesus Christ.

So what is it that’s bothering you?

Are you bothered that in your mind this person is not “saved” according to your specific doctrine?

Well, do you know what really tends to bring nonbelievers around to your way of thinking? Self-righteous tut-tutting and pearl-clutching. That is THE BEST way to communicate good will and peace on earth. People REALLY feel the spirit when you act high and mighty.

Actually no. It’s the opposite of that.

I wish I knew the source of this little chart I saw yesterday that sums up exactly my feelings.

So easy to use, right?

Makes me wonder what all the fuss is about.

I think if this is the kind of thing that upsets you more than, say — I don’t know, our government keeping traumatized children in cages and blaming the children’s parents, saying these parents should legally present themselves at a port of entry to apply for refugee status, when we know this is all LIES because they’ve deliberately CLOSED many legal ports of entry so that the first border patrol official these people encounter are located already ACROSS the border — then I think you’ve got your priorities out of whack.

But maybe it’s just me.

Happy Holidays.

Seasons Greetings.

Merry Christmas.

Blessed Be.

Jolly Festivus.

Get. Over. It.


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