Product review: RX Bars


I’ll be brutally, uncomfortably honest with you.

Friends, I have to be very careful about what snacks and meal-replacement foods I eat. If it contains sugar, especially the wrong kinds of sugar, I can easily get triggered and crave more, bad-for-you sugar the rest of the day.

Halloween candy hanging around the house does not help; who else can relate?

Oh, but now I have these things called RX Bars.

I’ve sampled these bars on and off for about a year now. They are made with whole ingredients. No corn, wheat or soybean fillers. No grains. No dairy. No refined sugar, syrups, sweeteners or artificial anything.

You guys know I can be super obnoxious about ingredients lists.

The basic ingredients in these are dates, nuts, and eggs. Beyond that, it’s real ingredients they add for the different flavors. You can read the label and I promise you, you will be able to pronounce every single thing on it.

My littlest son wanted to know what “No B.S.” meant on the label. I’m embarrassed — he obviously has not been paying attention to mommy’s sass-mouth.

I’ve tried other bars made from whole ingredients, but they didn’t exactly light me up with the flavor. You may like those other bars, but to me, all I taste is DATES.

What’s even better than the flavor: I DON’T feel that “sugar rush” feeling ten minutes after eating it.

If I’m extremely busy, I might eat one of these instead of breakfast. At more or less 220 calories apiece, it’s not quite enough calories to be a frequent replacement for lunch or dinner.

Generally, I don’t eat more than one bar per day, because they do contain carbs, mainly from fruit.

This is the part where I tell you, these are probably NOT keto-friendly, as most of the bars net you about 20-22 grams of carbs. So, they are not necessarily LOW carb, but most importantly, they are SLOW carbs. These have a good amount of fiber, which is just an added bonus as it makes you feel more full. So you COULD make them fit in your keto menu if you really wanted to.

Here is also where I tell you, these are not allergen-free. They contain nuts and eggs, so there’s that. BUT! They also have a collection of peanut-free options on the website.

If you’re doing Whole 30, they also have options for you.

They are definitely paleo-friendly, if you’re not overly strict on legumes. We all know I’m not.

This particular package I ordered also included two free samples of their winter limited edition flavors: Maple Sea Salt and Gingerbread! The Maple Sea Salt was delicious, with a very subtle maple flavor. The flavor comes from maple WATER, not actual syrup in the bar. I think any actual syrup in here would have been too cloying, and also out of line with my sugar abstinence.

The gingerbread was by far my favorite of the two free samples! High on ginger, but not overpowering.

Very nice with tea!

Everybody else in this house loves them too.

My one kid who does NOT like nuts, and is sort of “meh” about fruit, ate up the chocolate peanut butter faster than if I’d handed him a cookie. So, that’s a mom win for me, as it has the good fats from nuts and plenty of fruit and fiber.

And don’t tell the little one how many eggs are in this, or he’ll throw it right in the trash. Actually, he won’t, because he really likes the mixed berry flavor. You guys, they did NOT skimp on the berries in this one. It’s fantastic.

The fella of mine tried the Chocolate sea salt, which is a dark brownie-like flavor. Thumbs way up!

Right now, RX Bar is offering free shipping on orders of $30.

Guess what else, guys. I checked my calendar and Christmas is six weeks away. I’m not even kidding. And I think these things, especially the limited edition seasonal flavors, would make an awesome stocking stuffer for your whole-foods eating friends.

Next on my list to try will be coffee & chocolate and mint chocolate.

Click the link and let me know which ones you want to try, and I might do a giveaway for my followers soon!


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