Letters from Florence, part 6

9-17-2018 6:43 p.m. Dearest, This may be my last missive regarding Florence as the hurricane-turned tropical storm/depression/flood has left us mostly unscathed except for a pretty soggy basement and a messy yard. And I didn’t forget you yesterday. Yesterday, I rested. As it turns out, I excel at doing nothing. I’ve got a jewelry box … Continue reading Letters from Florence, part 6

Letters from Florence, part 3

9-14-2018, 10:18 a.m. Dearest, The muffins are horrible. But the enlistees are grateful for them, and have eaten more than half. I don’t know how the muffin mix manufacturer managed to omit “Barbie doll parts” from the ingredients list for coconut chia chocolate mix, but I suspect a massive government conspiracy that starts all the … Continue reading Letters from Florence, part 3

Letters from Florence, part 2

8-14-2018, 7:36 am Dearest, The anxiety baking has begun. I believe I read somewhere that during a hurricane, paleo adherents are allowed a ration of muffins. Bias confirmation is the new normal, after all. One of the senior officers had abandoned his post, but the co-captain is keeping him abreast of local developments via texts … Continue reading Letters from Florence, part 2