A few words about clicks

If you follow me on WordPress, you’ve probably noticed a section on my home page called “affiliate links.”

Bloggers and their followers already know what these are, so if you’re one of those, you can skip ahead to the fourth paragraph.

For the uninitiated, affiliate links are merchants who have shared a little bit of coding with me to put links on my blog. In turn, I earn a commission when anyone clicks through my website to shop online at one of those merchants’ websites.

It’s easy way to earn a little bit of extra money that doesn’t involve pop-up ads or anything truly obnoxious.

I may, in the future, write a blog post about any one of the merchant links on my site. If and when I do this, I’ll be totally up front about it.

The reason I’m explaining all of this to you is because I myself am a private person, and I’m very cautious and suspicious of everything on the internet. If this shocks you them you missed the giant picture of the hedgehog on my homepage.

So I get it, all of you private and careful people. I see you, I get you, I am you.

Also there’s this: when I worked as a newspaper reporter, I had a big problem with what we used to call “advertorials.” The problem was, as I saw it, the publishers never made it clear to the reader WHAT THEY WERE READING. These stories were often presented as legitimate reporting. In reality, it was sometimes a “pay to play” scenario. With the publishers’ blessing, the advertising department would breathe down our necks — and if you’ve ever been to lunch with the ad sales department you know that breath is a boozy breath — until we wrote a feature on whatever local business they had made a promise to. It made me ill. I did it this kind of crap over and over again. I always felt like showering in bleach when it was over. It was the under-handedness of it that I hated.

So, I just want to be clear that my primary goal with this blog is to write things people might find entertaining from time to time.

So, if you ever see a link to a store or a product on my blog, you can be sure that it’s either a product or company I have personally used and endorse, or it’s a company I have thoroughly researched and can stand behind in good conscience.

Also, be assured that I’ll tell you up front if I’m dedicating an entire blog post to one or more products with links — it will be obvious what I’m doing.

I want everything I do to be clearly labeled and packaged and categorized for everyone’s comfort.

If you happen to see something you like, or if you see something you already buy or something you need, please consider clicking through my website. It won’t cost you anything extra and I don’t do anything nefarious with your information.

But if that’s not your bag, no worries. You can skip those posts. I won’t even be mad.

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