Smashing the patriarchy AND food waste

Listen, I can’t rage about the bloviator-in-chief and his supporters every day; it’s exhausting.

But I can smash the Monday blahs with a little cheap “what do we even have in the fridge?” dinner.

Here’s some “dirty paleo” chicken salad I made with leftover chicken legs, nearly-ready-to-be-tossed grapes, almost-bad-but-not-quite-bad sweet bell peppers, a single dill pickle spear, some sesame dressing and a little bit of minced ginger.

Here is the recipe:

Shred the chicken and set aside in a large bowl.

Dice peppers and red grapes, add to chicken. About 1/2 c to 1 cup of each.

Cut about a 1/2-inch hunk off a piece of ginger and mince. If you have a nice gadget for this, well good for you but for the rest of us, just cut it up as tiny as you can.

Dice one dill pickle spear, or more if you have it. Save that leftover pickle juice because like me, you were not raised to toss out perfectly good pickle juice.

Mix in a tablespoon or so of Duke’s mayonnaise (don’t come at me with your miracle whip or Hellman’s or whatever you heathens prefer)

Mix in about 1/3 c of full fat plain yogurt.

And you could toss in a splash of anything else, really. Some dressing that has about a teaspoon left in the bottle? Sure, mix it in. Got some garlic, sesame seeds, chia seeds, dill, tumeric? Yes, absolutely. Half a can of pumpkin purée in the fridge? Well… sure but acclimate your family slowly to your enthusiasm for pumpkin everything. Half a can of chickpeas from your salad yesterday? Perfect! Toss it in.

I call this “dirty paleo” because I allow myself a few store bought dressings occasionally as long as it’s low sugar. Also, I gotta have my chickpeas and black beans. Legumes are a cheap staple I our house, and I’d rather rely more on beans for protein than meat in our diet, mainly for environmental reasons. Obviously, we’re not vegetarians but we do eat a lot of vegetarian meals, which is difficult to do if you’re strict paleo.

Don’t be upset with the fact that my ingredients aren’t exact. Hey, at least you did not have to scroll down the page for 19 hours before you got to the recipe.

You’re a smart cookie, you’ll figure it out.

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