Letters from Florence, part 6

9-17-2018 6:43 p.m.


This may be my last missive regarding Florence as the hurricane-turned tropical storm/depression/flood has left us mostly unscathed except for a pretty soggy basement and a messy yard.

And I didn’t forget you yesterday. Yesterday, I rested.

As it turns out, I excel at doing nothing. I’ve got a jewelry box full of participation medals from the Indiana State School Music Association competitions to prove it.

This doesn’t feel good to say but the truth is I’m incredibly lazy.

When I had an office job, the ratio of LOST discussions & related internet surfing to actual work was about 30:1.

It is no coincidence that I have this sign in my bathroom.

It should be by my desk, or in my cleaning closet by the Windex. Reverse psychology works really well on me. Unless, I’m on to your shenanigans. If I smell a rat, I’m gonna go watch some Gilmore Girls and shout at Rory. (Some people shout at sports on TV, this is no less weird to me.)

Yesterday I was just in my feelings. I was wrung out from the wind, rain, scary news, sad news, tree watching, worrying about friends and in-laws, wondering if I’d prepared enough, lack of sleep.

So yesterday I slept. Read books. Took naps. Blocked out the noise by cranking up fans, and took more naps.

Whether or not you are riding out a hurricane, I cannot recommend enough taking a day once in a while to do nothing at all, and protect that day of nothing with all your might.

No responsibilities. No expectations.

But today is Monday, and it’s back to work.

Except, not really. Because school is closed. And it will be closed again tomorrow.

Even though the sun is shining, country roads are collapsing.

So I get it. We can’t put buses and cars full of kids in danger because Mommy can’t take anymore of the togetherness.

I might kvetch privately to my friends when school is called off. But on the internet I try — don’t always succeed but I try — not to pile on the negativity.

But even I, the laziest of of the sloths, am pretty much done with doing nothing.

So here’s something.

Amazon’s donation page will let you give items or cash to assist people in NC who need help getting back on their feet after this horrible storm.

Donate now

And tomorrow when the last of the rain is gone, and — like me — you’re really, REALLY tired of all the togetherness, here are a few other ideas of what to do:

1. Go outside. Pick up branches out of your neighbor’s yard.

2. Show your kids pictures of the crumbling roads, and investigate how water causes this.

3. Go shopping for a humidifier, and shop vac and also google that thing you saw on TV that’s basically a bucket with a sponge that supposedly sucks moisture out of the air by magic. I might have dreamed that.

4. Talk to your kids about global warming and write letters to congress. No, no I am not joking.

5. Call your local emergency management and find out what people need locally.

6. Arrange to donate all the bottled water you bought. Someone will surely be taking a truck of supplies to the coastal NC cities where there is no drinking water.

That should take up a good bit of time tomorrow, our fifth consecutive full day of togetherness.

And if at the end, your kids are still on speaking terms with you, go get them some ice cream because man… you are mean!

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