Letters from Florence, part 2

8-14-2018, 7:36 am


The anxiety baking has begun.

I believe I read somewhere that during a hurricane, paleo adherents are allowed a ration of muffins. Bias confirmation is the new normal, after all.

One of the senior officers had abandoned his post, but the co-captain is keeping him abreast of local developments via texts at approximately 5 minute intervals.

The expected black eye on Enlistee 2 has not come to pass, giving us a mild reprieve in our worries. However, the infighting continues, this time taking the form of psychological torture via gaslighting, snitching and general contrariness. I expect the torment to increase in intensity, and I dare say I might look the other way if Enlistee 2 delivers retaliation via his fists.

It’s difficult to say whether ignoring their quibbles will exacerbate our anxiety or relieve it.

*takes muffins into the bathroom, shuts door*

Will update again soon.

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