Letters from Florence

8-13-2018, 6:20 pm


We are yet 24 hours before the first of the rains, and I fear rations are already running low.

Enlistee 1 has already eaten 1/3 of our supply of lunchmeat and Duke’s, and Enlistee 2 is now asking for his third peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Mind you, one of these enlistees was given lunch at school.

Although the wind has not yet picked up, I’m afraid that Netflix has shown signs of going AWOL. We hold the line and wait out the buffering. We are scrappy folk, and we shall make do with watching New Zealand real estate shows on Amazon prime.

At this rate, the officers may not have the will to keep out of the special rations. Tomorrow will be especially trying, as school shall be shuttered for the entire day.

And now, word has arrived that the enlistees are already turning on each other upstairs. Information is scattered and rumors are flying, but from what I can piece together, one of them may have a black eye.

I dare not go upstairs.

Will update again soon.

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