Con-Pro List for Starting a Blog

  1. I’m uncomfortable with this. I’m a pretty private person.
  2. Internet security. There’s a reason you won’t see my kids’ faces in my public profile picture or cover photos. Those, as you know, are searchable. Via Google. This is a big deal to me.
  3. People can be rude, judgmental, and nasty on the internet. Shocking revelation, I know.
  4. I’ve trifled with this kind of thing before and the blowback was not fun.
  5. I hate…hate…hate… HATE promoting myself. I am terrible about owning my space. I am finally just learning to stop apologizing for … breathing.
  6. Oversharing and watching other people over-share makes me cringe, and I already cringe every time I post anything…ever. Like seriously, my Patronish is a marsh harrrier but it should really be the opposite— a hedgehog.
  7. The word “branding” gives me throbbing hives.
  8. People will not get 40% of my references. Oy, with the poodles already.
  1. It might be fun.
  2. It will make certain people happy. What, you don’t have deep philosophical conversations with the person who does your hair? Thoughts on Richard Rohr don’t pop up while she’s ripping out your mustache? Pity.
  3. I’m already wasting a small portion of my time and my very limited scope of talents on social media for free. So I might as well funnel it into a cohesive kind of … thing. Don’t say brand; do you want me to cry?
  4. Do something every day that makes you uncomfortable and blah, blah, blah OK WE GET IT.
Ok so here we go.
One of you sweet, talented artist people? Please make me a hedgehog.

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